The team at MediSwat in Los Angeles knows how difficult it can be for physicians to provide care to countless patients while also juggling practice management, billing, coding, and so much more. That is why our physician billing agency provides a wide array of outsourced medical biller and coder services meant to alleviate stress and give you more time to focus on your medical practice, no matter what the size or the specialty. Not only that, but we can help you receive more profits in less time. This is achieved by maximizing your reimbursements and lowering your labor cost.

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Medical Billing Services

MediSwat makes medical billing process easy by streamline the collection process to generate revenue of your healthcare business at its max. We actually deal as a mediator between healthcare providers and insurance companies. We understand how complicate your work is and moreover how it could be to handle billing process. MediSwat ensures utmost care to be taken while handling medical billing process without any losses and missed charges.

Medical Coding Services

MediSwat assigns dedicated auditors to double check the coding standards while maintaining a proper record of patient’s billing documentation and other medical records. We all know Medical Coding is a risky task where mere a single mistake can lead you to revenue loss. At this point, to opt out a Medical Coding Services from an expert like MediSwat is a good idea for your healthcare business.

Data Processing Services

MediSwat is well known for its Data Processing Services, offers its services to healthcare providers, medical insurance payers, hospitals, clinics and other pharmaceutical firms. Our experts possess high knowledge of experience to work on our varieties of medical software. MediSwat helps you to make not only your medical records but streamline it in a simpler form so that all the medical records can be show case in an efficient way.

Eligibility Verification and Benefits

MediSwat accurately verifies the Insurance Eligibility by keeping every medical record up to date. Eligibility helps to judge the actual medical coverage of a patient. MediSwat’s Eligibility Verification Process verifies that the services, that are being offered to a patient is actually covered. This in turn directly benefits healthcare provider by yielding cash flow, clean claims and by reducing bad debt.

Charges Entry & submission

MediSwat offers clean and accurate charges entry services by conducting several quality checks, aiming to submit every claim with 0% error and 100% accuracy. We trust, accuracy always comes first in medical billing process while entering billing charges entries. Our team of professionals strictly adhere every guidelines given by their Healthcare Providers by meeting their expectations within the required timeline.

Patient Statements

To maintain patient’s records can be risky. Coz it’s not easy to record each and every updated statement of your patients. In that case, MediSwat helps you to reduce your burden of maintaining every single activity of your patients statements and does the same for you in an innovative manner. MediSwat offer quick, easy to understand and cost effective way to sort out this problem through a server. Here you can easily print your patient’s statement within a single click and get your bills paid instant.

Denial management

Denial Claims can be the major loss in terms of revenue for healthcare professionals. MediSwat helps you with Denial management services and related solutions by providing denial preventions techniques. Our techniques require data of claims, being denied by your patients and then we track the actual root cause. This analysis in turn helps you to increase your collections and minimize the risk of denials in future.

Account Receivables Management Services

MediSwat offers Account Receivables Management Services through which you can easily improve your cash flows and of course Working Capital as well. Being the most rated Asset (current) as it also tells a company’s financial potential, should be handle with extra care. Thus MediSwat ensures guaranteed payment of invoices by customers. We believe, this is the only effective way to strengthen financial position of your company.

Doctor’s Office

A patient visits the Doctor and gives his/her insurance card.The doctor then diagnoses the ailment and draws a chart explaining the treatment that needs to be rendered.If the patients complains of frequent headache, a sequence chart would be drawn by the provider to explain the treatment pattern

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