HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act directly impact the way healthcare organizations approach medical billing. We have studied the convention, and understand HIPAA as it applies to the relationship between your patients, your office, insurance carriers, and billing policies. We are legally responsible to our clients to obey HIPAA regulations.
Mediswat was specifically designed and engineered to meet the rigid standards of HIPAA compliance. We have built-in controls for security and auditing. All employees receive confidentiality training (as required by HIPAA) and are required to sign confidentiality agreements. They can access the systems only with their own unique user-id and passwords and have access to sensitive information only on a “need to
know basis.“ Web access and email access is restricted via a software-based firewall.

Some of the security features include

Physical restrictions on access to work area and network centerFirewall protection for internal network from the world wide webEnterprise-wide multiple virus protection system128-bit SSL and data encryption on all web based applicationsDigital certificate authentication for all serversEach user has unique login, power-on and screensaver passwordsControlled media usage/movement through inventory logs and physical checksUser accounts to access shared resources like fax machines and photocopiersRestriction and screening of emails and messengers.

Key Advantages

Patient Statement Processing

Happy patients are the success to your practice. We ensure thae we bill your patients with accurate statements so they come back to your practice and bring in more referrals to you.

Accurate billing

We focus on clean claim submission. Our first pass ratio is 98% for most of our clients. This
results in timely cash flow for your practice with lower denial ratios.

Diligent Insurance Claim

Diligent Insurance Claim Follow-Ups- Our highly talented collectors know how to get your claims
paid. So you need not worry, we are here to get the money from the insurance. We know how
the insurance companies find all reasons not to pay your claims, but we are here to handle that.

Coding Audits

We have a team of expert & experienced coders that ensure correct coding on all your claims.
We know that a lot of practices lose money due to under & over coding. We do not want you to
lose your hard earned money, so we put that extra step in to ensure you are billing what you
should be paid for.

Denial Management

Denial management is the key to get you that extra cash you might be missing.Timely denial handling is a strong requirement to a consistent cash flow. We have our denial management team to work all your denials within 24-48 hours of received.

Timely Claim Submission

Our turnaround time (TAT) for your billing is unmatched. We commit to bill and submit all your
claims, including electronic and paper claims within 24 hours of received. All payments and
denials are worked within 24 hours of received. Account receivable for all claims is completed
within 20 days of the submission, so you know that there is nothing that is left unturned to collect
the maximum for your practice.

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