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20+ Years Experience

Mediswat has been established with a mission to provide its superior healthcare facilities to all patients belong to all sections of the society. We have a wealth of experience of more than 20 years and we are still committed to provide our passionate medical billing services while maintaining high standards of healthcare and medical services.


25+ Medical Specialties

Mediswat has a special experience in more than 25 medical specialties. Each department headed by  specialist in their work and have many years of experiences in medical specialties in various hospitals and nursing homes in India and Abroad.


10-20% Average Increase in Collections

At Mediswat, our experienced panel of doctors is always available in case of your emergency need. We are always here for you to fulfill not only emergency requirement of doctors but also help you to increase your collections in terms of reimbursements, so that you can save more.



Patient Demographics

In this department the patients personal information is entered from the demographic.

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Charge Entry

In this department, the relationship of the Diagnosis code and CPT is checked. A charge is then created according to the billing rules pertaining to specific carriers and location.

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Payment Posting

Once the claim has been processed for payment, this department enters those payments into the patient’s account and balance bill to the patient for any out of pocket expense.

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How Can We Help Your Practice?

Our Services


Medical Billing Services

MediSwat makes medical billing process easy by streamline the collection process to generate revenue of your healthcare business at its max.

Medical Coding Services

MediSwat assigns dedicated auditors to double check the coding standards while maintaining a proper record of patient’s billing documentation and other medical records.

Data Processing Services

MediSwat is well known for its Data Processing Services, offers its services to healthcare providers, medical insurance payers, hospitals, clinics and other pharmaceutical firms.

Eligibility Verification and Benefits

MediSwat accurately verifies the Insurance Eligibility by keeping every medical record up to date. Eligibility helps to judge the actual medical coverage of a patient.

Charges Entry & submission

MediSwat offers clean and accurate charges entry services by conducting several quality checks, aiming to submit every claim with 0% error and 100% accuracy.

Patient Statements

To maintain patient’s records can be risky. Coz it’s not easy to record each and every updated statement of your patients. In that case, MediSwat helps you to reduce your burden of maintaining every single activity of your patients statements.


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